If you follow me on Instagram, then I know you’ve seen these at the end of most of my posts: #liketkit
These come from a program called LIKETOKNOW.IT that allows you to shop my Instagram photos right from your email inbox!  After you sign up, as soon as you “like” the photo on Instagram, an email will be sent to you with direct links to the products in the photo!  Then, you can shop right from those links!
Signing up for LIKETOKNOW.IT is so simple and only takes a few minutes!

 STEP 1. Click here to submit your email and register on LIKETOKNOW.IT’s website.

STEP 2. “LIKE” any Instagram photo that has the following links attached to the end of the photo description – #liketkit (the URL link will be different for each photo)

STEP 3. Open your email inbox to view ready-to-shop product links.  They will look like this: 

I have to admit that I use LIKETOKNOW.IT with all of my favorite bloggers, and it makes it SO much easier to find products.  No more searching myself or waiting to get a response to see where an item is from!  
If you want more information, here is a quick video that will hopefully answer most of your questions!  
If you need any help signing up or have anymore questions, make sure to let me know! xo.