Holiday Gift Guide: Cozy Gifts for Her by North Carolina fashion blogger Style & Sequins

Holiday Gift Guide: Cozy Gifts for Her

Hi, friends!  Today I am so excited to be sharing with you arguably my favorite gift guide of the year!  This is one of my favorites because every single item would be such a great gift – and I not so secretly want every single thing on here! ha!  Cozy gifts are definitely the way to go if you aren’t sure what to get your bff, wife, girlfriend, sister, mom, or anyone else because they will LOVE whatever you get!  Key things to look for when choosing cozy gifts are things that are soft, comfortable, and calming!

Here are some other cozy gifts that would be perfect for her!

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Now let me tell you why these would make perfect gifts this holiday season!

Circle Cardigan – If you’ve never felt a cardigan by this brand, you need to do yourself a favor and fix that ASAP!  Seriously, they make the softest cardigans and sweaters that I have ever felt!  They are a little bit pricey, but I guarantee you she will love whatever you choose!

Scarf – After seeing this scarf everywhere last year, I finally decided to get myself one this year, and I can only say one thing: I wish I would’ve gotten one sooner! Again, this scarf is ridiculously soft, and the tan color goes with everything!

Baies Scented Candle – There are so many great smelling candles out there, but if I had to recommend one this one would definitely be it!  It has the perfect combination of fresh and fruity that anyone would love!  It also gives off a calming feeling that I love!

Slipper – I ask for a new pair of slippers every year, and this pair (and this pair) is on my list!  These are so durable and well made, they are sure to last a long time! I also love that they can be worn both indoor and outdoor and still keep your feet warm!

Pompom Knit Throw – You definitely can’t go wrong with a cozy blanket.  This one has the cutest pom details on the edges, so it is stylish and cozy!

Fuzzy Sweater – Even though I totally wish it was acceptable, we can’t spend all day, every day lounging on the sofa with our pjs on.  That’s why it’s important to have some cozy clothing that is acceptable to wear in public.  (I know what you’re thinking – pajamas aren’t acceptable in public? I’m right there with ya!) This sweater is made of crazy soft fabric and is oversized.  Two major positives in my book!

Eye Mask – I have to admit, I am not one that needs an eye mask to sleep.  But, this would be a great gift for someone who uses them regularly or who has trouble sleeping.  I’m actually thinking I might want to try one out now!

Moonlight Pajamas – This pair of pjs is hands down my favorite pair that I own. They are so soft and surprisingly lightweight!  I wear these nonstop all year round!

Coffee Mug – If you’re looking for a gift for someone who likes cozy items, chances are they probably like coffee too!  How adorable is this mug?  It is perfect for anyone who needs to have their coffee in the morning to function! Like me!

Pompom Beanie – A cozy hat to keep warm during the cooler months is a must!  I wore these so much more often when I lived I Ohio.  We don’t need them all that much now that we are in North Carolina.  This one is at a perfect price point of just $15!

Cozy Socks – I always need to have either my slippers or a pair of socks on my feet!  This pair looks so comfortable, and they would be perfect for wearing under your boots, too!

Robe – And yet again, another item on my wish list this year!  This robe is from the same cozy brand mentioned above and feels like heaven!  Crossing my fingers this one shows up under my tree this year!

I hope you were able to get some good gift ideas for someone who likes all things cozy!  I can assure you she would love any one of these cozy gifts in today’s post!

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