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Travel Diary | Cancun, Mexico

Hi, y’all!  I’m so excited to finally be sharing all about our trip to Mexico a few weeks ago!  It was our first time in Cancun and our first time at an all inclusive resort!  After the amazing time we had, it definitely won’t be our last!  This review will mostly be about our resort since that is where we spent most of our time since literally everything we needed was there.  But, we did also go on an excursion that I will share! 

This post is not sponsored by Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun, but I did receive additional amenities in exchange for sharing our trip on social media.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Live aqua cancun

Live aqua rice bed

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Travel plans

I wanted to make sure to include information about how we got to our resort because that is something we researched quite a bit before going.  I would definitely recommend organizing transportation to your hotel prior to getting to the airport.  It can be very overwhelming when you get to the airport because there are people all over trying to take you where you need to go.  We organized our transportation through USA Transfers before we left for our trip.  It was really easy to find them when we got to the airport, and we had a van all to ourself.  USA Transfers also brought us to the airport for our flight home. Not sponsored, but I highly recommend them.

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Where we stayed

We did a lot of research prior to choosing which resort to stay at while we were in Cancun.  We ended up choosing Live Aqua Beach Resort, and it turned out to be the greatest decision!  We arrived at the resort around 9:00 or so, so quite a bit later in the day.  Even though it was late, the staff was wonderful and welcoming.  Not to mention we were greeted with the amazing scent of eucalyptus as soon as we walked in.  One of our favorite parts of the resort!  

The concierge brought us up to the Aqua Club for a welcome drink and an overview of the resort.  Aqua Club access does not, unfortunately, come with every room, but the resort was kind enough to comp us for it as well as a cabana each day we were there.  More on that later! 🙂 We were starving when we finally got settled in, so we went to one of the resort’s many restaurants and had a great dinner!

The resort itself was absolutely amazing.  Our room had a wonderful ocean front view and a balcony.  Mitch’s favorite part of the room was that we could get that amazing eucalyptus scent we smelled in the lobby in our room, too!    They had burners in the room that you choose which scent you wanted each day so it always smelled amazing!  Some days we would come into our room and we would have rice designs on our bed!  It was really so exciting to come in each day and see what design would be there!  We didn’t get one every day, but probably half of the days we did!  You might be wondering how to clean up the rice when you’re finished taking pictures of it.  All you do is call down to the front desk and someone will come up to clean it up for you!

One of our favorite parts of the resort was that everyone was so nice.  Their goal was to make sure you were relaxed and had a great time, so the service was impeccable.  Even though I know there were a lot of people there, it never seemed packed anywhere that we went.  Each day at the pool was relaxing and there was always more than enough room!

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What we did

Out of the 7 days we were in Cancun, we spent 6 of them at the resort.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  Why would you go to a different country and spend almost your entire time at the resort.  Well, here’s my answer.  Our goal for this trip was to relax.  That’s why we chose the resort that we did.  It literally had everything we could have wanted in one place, so we didn’t have any reason to leave.  

Most of our days went like this: sleep in, get breakfast and a smoothie at the buffet, head down to the pool and choose our cabana for the day, relax, order chicken quesadillas and guacamole by the pool for lunch (our favorite!), relax in one of the pools or swim in the ocean, hang out with some of the amazing people we met, head back to get ready for dinner.  That is basically what we did every day, and it was amazing.  The pool service was great.  We never had to worry about finding someone to get us a drink or put in a food order.   

There are eight different pools to choose from at the resort, including a “party” pool with a swim up bar!  The great thing is if you aren’t in the mood for music and “partying” the pools are far enough apart that you don’t hear any of that.  The beach area was really nice, too!  My favorite place to get a cabana was definitely on the beach!  It was a covered cabana (even though it didn’t keep out all of the sun! Don’t be fooled!), and there was a great breeze by the water.  We fell asleep in there a few times during our stay!  The service was great, and everyone was really wonderful!

They did have some live music a few evenings and there are a few bars at the hotel if you aren’t ready to call it a night after dinner!  If you’d prefer to try out some of the other bars/clubs in Cancun, the resort offers a group van to take you to a specific club each night.  The only bad part about this is that you are responsible for finding your own way home.  We talked about doing this, but ended up just enjoying the nightlife at the resort!  Keep in mind, this isn’t meant to be a crazy, party resort.  It is meant to be relaxing.  So they do not have a ton of nightlife to offer.

We did end up getting a couples massage by the beach, and we were able to use the spa as well!  The spa had a sauna and steam room that we could use when we arrived early for our massage.  We chose to get our massages on the beach, because well that isn’t something you can get everyday.  It sounds amazing, but when there are still people on the beach from the day, it isn’t as relaxing as you would think.  The massage itself was great, and there was a nice breeze along with the sounds of the waves.  However, we also had the sounds of people throwing a football on the beach and socializing to wrap up their day.  But, we knew we had to try it!  I would probably recommend getting your massage inside if you choose to get one!

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The one day we did leave the resort, we went on an excursion.  We ended up talking with someone at the hotel and booking it with their help.  You can absolutely book it ahead of time, though.  Another friend of ours who had been to Cancun recommend we go to Xel-Ha.  It is an adventure park with snorkeling, cliff jumping, zip lining, caves, cenotes, rope bridges, and a lot more!  We knew we wanted to do something a little bit more adventurous for our excursion since we were relaxing the rest of the time.  It actually ended up being over an hour drive to get there which was fine.  The bus was comfortable, and they had a movie playing on the way back.  We left really early in the morning and didn’t get back until late evening, so it was an all day trip.  

We did end up enjoying ourselves, but it is definitely a place geared more toward children.  Mitch was really excited about the cliff jumping and zip lining, but both of those were geared more towards kids so they weren’t very high and not as thrilling as what we hoped they would be.  The snorkeling was pretty cool, but we didn’t see a whole lot of amazing fish.  Just a lot of small ones.  There are additional attractions that you can add on for a fee such as swimming with dolphins, manatees, snuba, and a few others.  

All of the food was included, but to be honest, I didn’t feel comfortable eating much of it.  It was buffet style, but I just ended up snacking on granola bars I brought along.  For us, we could have done everything in half the time.  If you are there with kids, I can see how you would need a full day.  After doing all the activities we could, we wrapped up the rest of the day with laying on some hammocks and people watching.  Oh, and I also tried out a fish pedicure because I had never had one before!  It did tickle a little bit, but it really felt good!  I didn’t really notice a big difference in my feet, but it was good to experience it!

Overall, it was an okay excursion.  If you are looking for something adventurous and have children, Xel-Ha is definitely a place to try while you are visiting!

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What we ate

The food at our resort was amazing.  I really don’t think we had a meal we didn’t like.  We had breakfast every morning at Siete, which is a buffet.  There is basically anything you could want here!  Including some amazing smoothies! Marco was the best!

Our favorite place was probably the Italian restaurant, Varenna.  We ate there a few times and loved it each time!  We also liked Azur because it is right on the beach.  We ate there for lunch and dinner, and it was delicious!  If you read any reviews about the resort, you’re sure to reach about the habanero soup at the restaurant MB.  It is delicious!  The last night we were there, we ordered just some of this soup to bring up to our room because we liked it so much the first time around!  It comes in a bread bowl and is so good!  We also enjoyed room service a few different nights. and the food ordered by the pool was wonderful as well!

The only place we didn’t love was Hidden Garden which had Thai food.  Other people said they loved it, but Mitch and I don’t eat Thai food that often, so it just wasn’t for us.  

All of the food was prepared wonderfully, and we didn’t get sick at all (I know people will ask).

Beach cabana

Beach selfie

Pros & Cons

There were so many things we loved about our trip to Cancun, but the one thing we loved the most was how relaxing the resort was.  If you’re looking for a place to relax, I can’t recommend this place enough.  If you’re looking for a place with a lot of different activities and things going on, this probably isn’t the place for you.  It was perfect for what we wanted on our vacation!

The only somewhat negative thing I can think of is that the walls aren’t very thick in your room.  We could hear whenever someone was in the hallway and sometimes we could even hear people in the rooms next to us.  This was never really a problem for us, but I could see how it would be if you had loud neighbors or people coming back to their room late in the night.

I would definitely go back to this resort, and I am even trying to convince my parents to try it out!  If you’ve ever been to Cancun, let me know down in the comments what you thought about it!

Thanks so much for stopping by!




  1. Vanessa Gutierrez

    I just came back from live Aqua and I loved it. I wish I knew a van took people downtown. I didn’t get a chance to visit the clubs. I did relax and went palces like Xcaret and xoximilco, visited tulum and playa Del carmen. All in five days! I will be going back to live Aqua again and booking a longer stay so I get a change to relax more at the resort. Live the food and all the nice employees made me and my family feel welcomed.

    1. Amy Michelle

      I’m so glad you loved it, too! We had an amazing time! Can’t wait to go back!

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