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Hi, everyone!  Can you believe it’s August?  That means school time is right around the corner for everyone on traditional schedules!  That includes this girl!  I have been getting in major school mode lately, and with school mode comes school supplies!  One of my favorite items to get each year is new planner.  I am a little tiny bit OCD when it comes to planning and scheduling, so my planner is literally my lifeline during the school year.  I was excited when Erin Condren reached out and asked me to review their teacher planner along with a ton of other awesome goodies!  I had always heard how great these products were, but have somehow never tried it out for myself!  I’m excited to share it with you and use it this year!

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Teacher Lesson Planner

Okay, seriously, where has this thing been all my life?  This is the planner of all teacher planners.  Click here to see it for yourself!  It seriously has everything you could want!  The two parts that I will definitely get the most use out of are the monthly planning pages and the checklists.  The monthly planning pages are great because there’s enough room to write down everything you need to within each day.  There is also a section at the beginning of each month that lists important dates, birthdays, and a space to write notes.  I’ve already added some fun stickers to these pages!  

I know I will also get a lot of use out of the checklists.  I really like that my checklists will be right with my monthly calendar.  I’m going to use them to keep track of my grades before I put them in the electronic grade book.  In the past, I’ve always had them separate which wasn’t a problem, but it will be nice keeping it all together!  

A big chunk of the planner is for writing out your lesson plans.  I actually do mine digitally, so I probably won’t use this section much unless I need to map something out and visually see it.  But, if you handwrite your lessons plans, this section is perfect for you!

One of the things I love the most about this planner is how visually appealing it is!  I chose the colorful layout, and each month is a different color!  You can also buy interchangeable covers to use throughout the year!  I know I’m getting the flamingo one next!  There are also inspirational quotes all throughout the planner.  Sometimes these things are necessary when you’re in the middle of a school year and can make all the difference!  I can’t wait to use my new planner this year!


If you’re wondering if my organizational craziness with school spills over into my everyday life outside of school.  The answer is yes.  100% yes.  It may sound silly to have two different planners, but I NEED a planner to keep this brain organized!  Erin Condren sent me over the LifePlanner to review, and it is just as good as the Teacher Planner.  This one has interchangeable covers too, and you can choose between a 12-month layout or 18-month layout.  

Each month has a monthly layout page and a weekly layout page that is broken down by hour!  You can actually customize this section to whatever layout you like the best!  There is a notes section in the back, along with some fun coloring pages! This one is smaller in size than the teacher planner, but since I got the 18-month layout it is a lot thicker!  Definitely great to help keep you organized!

Other Goodies

Erin Condren also included some other goodies with my package, and my favorite is the stickers!  I used a lot of these in my teacher planner, and I know I’ll use them all throughout the year to keep it looking pretty and organized.  I also can’t wait to use more of the sticky notes, dual-tip markers, and compliment cards!


I’ve saved the best news for last!  You can get $10 off of your first order from Erin Condren!  Just click on this link, create an account, and you will receive an email with your unique $10 coupon code for your first purchase!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I really do appreciate it!

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