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Summer Handbags Under $50 + How To Turn Your Current Handbag Into The Perfect Bag For Summer

Hi, friends!  I hope you are having a great week!  We have some friends visiting this week from Ohio, and we are having such a fun time!  The weather has been amazing, so that’s definitely a plus!  We will be heading to the beach this weekend to get some sun!  Then, off to a wedding in the mountains on Sunday!  

I know what you’re thinking…why would I need to get another bag just for a new season?!  I get it, and I’m right there with ya girl!   That’s why I rounded up my favorite summer handbags all UNDER $50!  Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a bag that you’re really only going to be able to use a few months of the year.  Not saying you couldn’t use any of these handbags after summer is over, they just might clash with your snow boots and turtleneck. 🙂

I found some really great options for you that won’t break the bank!  Obviously, the trend for summer bags is straw and bright colors!  This is such a fun combination, and these bags come in all different shapes and styles!  I especially love this one and this one! And I’m definitely a sucker for pom poms, so  this one made it to my shopping cart right away!

And if you want to know my trick for turning your current everyday bag into the perfect summer bag, scroll down to the bottom of the post!  Trust me, you’re going to want to read this!

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Let’s say you just really don’t feel like buying ANOTHER new bag – not that anyone can have too many handbags, in my opinion. 🙂 Here’s a trick to turn your current handbag into the perfect summer bag!  Bag charms.  Yes, bag charms.  Haven’t heard of them?  Well you see all those fun pom poms and tassels on the handbags above?  You can easily add some pizazz to your current handbag by adding a bag charm! These charms are VERY budget friendly, and most of them are under $15.  The best part is that you can move it from one bag to another and have more than one summer handbag!  Mind blowing, right?  Okay, so maybe not mind blowing, but a great option if you aren’t looking to purchase a new handbag!

Here are some cute, summer bag charms that I found!  I love this one!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great week!



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