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Nsale Last Chance Picks

Happy Friday, friends!  I am in such a happy mood because if you didn’t see on Instagram yesterday, my parents are in town!  I haven’t seen them for a few months, and for me, that is WAY too long!  We are heading to the beach today, which I am so excited about because we haven’t been there since we’ve moved here yet!  Just a 2 hour drive, and we’ll be there!  Tomorrow, Mitch and my dad will be doing some golfing while my mom and I do what we do best…SHOP! 🙂 She’s the best shopping partner! On Sunday, my dad wants to see UNC and Duke’s campuses, so we’ll be doing some driving.  All of this mixed in with lots of laughs and eating out, it’s about to be  GREAT weekend!  I hope your weekend is just as great!

If you are able to mix in some shopping to your weekend plans, I definitely would!  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends this Sunday!  That means that prices will be going up starting Monday on so many fall essentials and items you can wear now!  I know you’ve heard so much about the Nsale and so many items are sold out already, but it really is a great sale.  I’ve noticed over the past few days that a lot of items are being restocked multiple times throughout the day, then they sell back out.  So, if you’ve had your eye on something, make sure to watch it over the weekend and grab it if it becomes available!  The easiest way for me is to add it to my Wishlist, and check it every so often to see what’s available.  I went ahead and rounded up some of my favorite items that are still available (at the time I’m writing this post).

Just click directly on the item to be taken right to it!

Something I love stocking up on during the Nsale is shoes!  I mean, I like to buy shoes anytime throughout the year, but there are always the best deals during this sale!  There are so many great ones still available right now!  Here are some of my faves!


There are also some great denim options still available!  I have heard so much good talk about these AG jeans.  Everyone is saying they’re the best jeans they’ve ever had!  I also linked up a pair of leggings that are at a great price, and they are such great quality!


There are still so many beauty exclusives available that you want to take advantage of!  I went ahead and stocked up on Clarisonic brush heads while they are at such a great price!  If you are looking for some great cheek palettes, check out this one!


And, of course, there’s some great clothing items still available! If you haven’t grabbed yourself one of these Lush dresses yet, you definitely should!  It’s a great transitional piece!  See how I styled mine here.


I hope you’re able to grab yourself some good pieces before the sale ends this Sunday!  And I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Keep smiling! 🙂




  1. Yes to all of these!! (You have such great taste!) I JUST ordered like my 3rd order lol!! Happy Friday!

    1. Amy Michelle

      Awe, thanks girl! I know the feeling! My wallet is NOT happy with me after this great sale! #worthit

  2. These are all such great picks! I have already shopped the sale three times. Eeeeeep!
    xo Jessica

    1. Amy Michelle

      Ahh, same! Totally worth it!

  3. Love your picks Amy! Now this girl is ready to shop (again!) : ) Happy weekend!

    1. Amy Michelle

      Thanks, girl! Hope you got your shopping in! 😉

  4. Great picks! I shopped the sale when it first opened up to card holders, and have since gone back for more (!!) It’s just too good- my favorite purchases by far have been AG denim and Ugg heeled boots! I’m so excited for fall…

    XO, Kim

    1. Amy Michelle

      Oh, those are GREAT picks! I’ve heard great things about that denim!

  5. Love these picks! I picked up the majority of everything! LOL!

    1. Amy Michelle

      Ahh, same girl! Such a great sale!

  6. Great list – I did a last Nordstrom round-up too. I just LOVE that Lush top!!


    1. Amy Michelle

      Same! It’s one of my favorites! I wear it SO much!

  7. Loving all of your picks! I placed my final, and I’m telling myself for real FINAL, order yesterday. I basically need to cut up my Nordstrom card after this sale. YIKES!


    1. Amy Michelle

      I feel ya girl! Totally worth it tho!

  8. Kait Elizabeth

    They have so manyyyyy great pieces on sale right now! Hugs, Kait

    1. Amy Michelle

      Agreed! Hope you got your shopping in!

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