Fall Florals

Fall Florals & Fringe

Fall Florals

Fall Florals

Fall Florals

Fall Florals

Fall Florals

Fall Florals

Fall Florals

Lush ‘Whitney’ Bell Sleeve Dress – worn as a top here! BlankNYC ‘Skinny Dipper’ Distressed Skinny Jeans | Heels unavailable (similar here) | Purse old (similar here) Baublebar Cinderella Drops | Kate Spade ‘Gramercy’ Bracelet WatchBP. Sunglasses

Hello, hello! Well, this is it!  Today is officially the first day of school for me!  Lots of emotions going on right now.  I am excited, but I’m also oh so anxious for how this year is going to go!  I’m always nervous for the first day of school, but this year is a lot different.  It’s always tough starting at a new school, but this year I am in a completely different state with a lot of new things to get used to!  From standards to assessments and everything in between, there’s a lot.  In addition to all of this, I have the largest class that I’ve ever had before.  I know it’s going to be a lot of work, but I completely believe that I was put in this position for a reason.  I am here right now because that’s what was planned for me.  So, I know it will all work out!  Just trying to stay focused on what’s important!

I know it’s going to be a lot more difficult for me to make time for this blog, but I promise you I will.  I will stay up late and get up early to still get you the content that you’ve come to expect!  I put in a lot of work over the summer, and I’m not going to lose any of that hard work!  I might just have to get used to a little less sleep at night!  Ha!

Do any of you recognize this top?  Or should I say dress?!

 Check out this post, and maybe it will refresh your memory!  Yes, this “top” is actually a dress!  I was so in love with the open back and the bell sleeves that I had to get it in this gorgeous purple, floral color.  I’ve worn the dress version of this quite a few times since I’ve bought it, so I decided to switch it up a little bit today!  All I did was tuck the dress into my jeans, then tie the back up in a knot!  Simple as that!  You could also tie it up on the side, and it would look just as great!  I’m all about getting as much wear as you can out of an item, especially if you love it as much as I love this dress!  Being able to wear it multiple ways is a great way to get extra use out of it!

Another great thing about this top/dress is that it comes in a ton of different colors and patterns!  I am really loving the fall florals trend, especially the floral patterns that this dress comes in! It’s under $50 and totally worth it in my book!  Especially since you can wear it as a dress or a top!

My fringe heels were one of my favorite purchases from last year!  They are no longer available, but there are so many adorable gray heels out there that would look just as great with this outfit!  I especially love this pair!  This one is really similar as well!

Thanks for stopping by! Make it a great week!




  1. January Hart

    This is SO fall perfect!! And I love that you are wearing this dress as a top!! So fantastic, I’d never have guessed it wasn’t a top!


    1. Amy Michelle

      Thanks, January! I love wearing it both ways!

  2. Such a cute outfit! It is totally something I would wear. And I never thought to wear a dress as a shirt. So versatile.

    1. Amy Michelle

      Thanks, April! I love this pattern and color combo!

  3. I just adore this whole look. I want to buy every piece.

    Life is just Rosie

    1. Amy Michelle

      Thanks, Rosie! I just love the colors!

  4. Gretchen

    Best wishes this year at your new school! Love how you turned this little number into a shirt. Looks great.

    1. Amy Michelle

      Thanks, Gretchen!

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