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Hello, everyone!

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope your weekend was fabulous and filled with lots of fun and relaxing!  I was able to celebrate Father’s Day from afar by Facetiming with my wonderful father and the rest of the fam!  Cue homesickness. They’re planning a visit before summer is over though, so I’m starting the countdown now! 🙂  We also got in another fun day at the pool.  I’m not even joking when I say we are probably going to be there every weekend.  It’s seriously so fun and a great way to beat the heat! In today’s post, I decided to double up on white!  Wearing white on white can be a hard task, if you aren’t exactly sure what to wear.  I put together a few tips to help! How to Wear White on White

1. Make sure all pieces are the same shade of white.  You don’t want to have one part of your outfit off white, while the other is bright white.  Make sure to compare your pieces before you put it on.  Sometimes if you don’t wash it correctly, the whites will fade.  

2. Choose subtle pops of color.  Some people think of white as boring, so it’s easy to want to add a lot of different colors in accessories or shoes.  Focus on one or two statement accessories, and let them stand out.  Don’t go too crazy.  Keep it simple.

3. Rock it.  Wearing white on white is not something that everyone can do.  Make sure you show that you’re confident in what you’re wearing.  Don’t worry about all of those silly rules about when you should wear white.  (However: I would totally advise you to not wear white at a wedding or anything dealing with a wedding, unless, of course, you’re the one getting married!)

4. Add different textures.  Prevent your look from looking too bland by adding some pieces with different textures.  You can see with the outfit I’m wearing in this post, that my top has some fun embroidered designs that stand out.

One problem I always have whenever I wear white is being worried about getting it dirty.  I’m a self-proclaimed clean freak (although I’m sure my boyfriend can attest to this as well).  I always get so worried when I’m wearing white jeans or white shorts.  I just don’t want to get it dirty.  And yes, I know, I can wash it and bleach it and all that.  Still, not my thing.  My advice?  Make sure you choose the appropriate places to wear those super stylish white jeans.  Obviously, you don’t want to wear a white outfit to a picnic or somewhere where you’ll be outside the whole time.  And if you’re not a clean freak like me, more power to you!  Wear those white jeans wherever you want! 🙂 

Just a quick note on the top I’m wearing in this post.  I absolutely love it, but it is a little see through.  The good news, though?  The overlay on the top part is thick enough so that you can’t see your bra.  It’s a great top, and under $35!  I linked a few other ones that I love down below in the Shop the Post widget.  Make sure to check it out!   

Thanks for stopping by, friends!  Make it a great week! 🙂 xoxo,

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